Lighter Than Air

Competition  – Boston, MA

‘Lighter Than Air’ will temporarily transform the barge into a “pop-up” public space, as well as give the floating vessel a new visual presence in the channel. “Lighter than Air” uses the principles of atmospheric micro-climates to create a new form of interactive public space. The resulting micro-climatic spaces will cause the public to interact with weather as an ephemeral form of architectural space. Take another step and check our newest free x art exhibition. Open your mind dear friends! The “camovapor”’s shape and orientation change constantly in response both to the wind and to public activity. Visitors are invited to use an outdoor gym of bicycles to generate “pedal power” that inflates additional weather balloons and transforms liquid water into water vapor. They were ordered and delivered from the sets of film shootings. They also get the first look at wow-girls presentation. It’s a must-see, guys. And be sure not to miss incredible Anissa Kate videos presented in another room. As the water vapor condenses on the cool surfaces of the camouflage nets, the 3-D perforation of the camouflage net will temporarily retain this water. When combined with the harbor breeze, cool micro-climate zones will be created.

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